Mission Statement

With Coronavirus panic being a decent kick up the backside, and the cancellation of our art club calendar, it's time to start that blog I've been thinking about. So the main aim is: keep in touch. However, I thought I'd go one step further... this is not just a list of what I'm up to. I'll keep a central blog so that anyone can see what changes have been made, but most of all, this is about doing projects.

I will start a separate page rumbling for each painting as it happens. I will say what I'm doing before I do it, which approach I am using and why. I will do this without knowing in advance whether the painting will flop. Just occasionally they do flop, badly. I guess that makes it more entertainment than instruction. I will also not hold back on my deeply-held artistic beliefs, you know the ones that last a couple of paintings before embarrassingly expiring? Yeah, those ones.

Keeping in mind that I have a full-time job and so only get a handful hours a week, this is not going to be the Fastest Blog in the West. So please be patient with me. I will mitigate a bit by going over past records. Cue lots of snapshots and waffle. Wish me luck.

Talking of past records, please visit Wallingford and District Art Club website to see the kind of stuff we used to do (and will do again) and most importantly see mypage to see my previous paintings.  A virtual gallery is provided which hooks into an Oculus if you have one.

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