Tuesday, 17 November 2020

WADAC Winter Exhibition 2020

We're live!!

I'm still trying to fix the scrolling bug.  Fingers crossed that will work soon.

The scrolling bug after months and months of being ignored has been finally eliminated.  As the number of painting exhibited has broken the 60 mark, I've reused the virtual tour from the summer exhibition, so you can now walk around the paintings should you so desire.  There's a wall at the end which is a bit bare, so a few more contributions would be welcome.

For those using iPad I send my apologies: I can no longer support Safari as Apple has pulled Safari for Windows.

Ordinarily, the club would be gearing up for its "Affordable Art Show".  With the lockdown, we've accepted this just isn't going to hit town, and so we're going on line:

Winter Exhibition Online

On the plus, we can keep this going for all of December, instead of the weekend.  If anyone does drift into Wallingford, you can drop by St. Martin Street to see a handful of the full selection, and we'll keep that rotated.


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