Thursday, 22 July 2021

Toymaker Trouble

Working at home in acrylics on my club evening painting.  Disgraceful.  Little bits and pieces and a complete hash.  These things are sent us to make us better painters.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

New Website Progress

I have ben working hard at putting in a VR menu for selecting the page skin.  This allows switching to a more standard HTML page.  I had a VR flower hanging around, so I decided to recycle it for the job.

I have also been aligning the VR skin with the graphic skin (= standard HTML page) for the home page and the history room.  The content now replicates on both, however, there is still a lot of work to get the graphic skin to use the available space properly.

Lately I have been working on a VR book simulation.  Particularly as I am going to be putting in a fair amount of text, there is a limit to the number of sheets of paper I can leave lying around.  A book is clearly a lot of work so was thinking of avoiding it.  However, I finally got my head around how to break up one of my terribly-overloaded constructs and that made the book idea much easier.  Still lots of glitches in it, and one piece of (small) extra functionality to add to get it to work, but it is finally coming together.

There are lots of items of functionality I have backed up, but the only functionality left now before first release is the reactive page handling.  After that, it is just the remaining content.

The Toymaker Himself

 Another Tuesday evening, and some decent progress.  I am enjoying this painting now, and that's always a good sign.  I have finally attacked the toymaker himself, which I may have (with reasonably argued grounds) been putting off.  Even better, the face came out close to what I had envisioned.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

The Toymaker Toy Appears... and a background

 Having had a successful internet connection stay up in the North last week, Robert Dutton's demo went ahead as rescheduled.  That means there was nothing stopping a Tuesday evening class this week.

The Toymaker Page

I have launched into the robot, and its looking quite good now.  The painting may yet work.  At the very least I had a lot more fun than last time, and that's why I paint in the first place.

And the following week... I finally have had a stab at the background.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Lilies Plan

Usually about this time I would have an update of the painting I did Tuesday evening.  However, every third Tuesday of the month is demo night at the Club, so no further work.  This month was woodlands in mixed media... or at least would have been.  The internet gremlins struck a decisive blow and we only got about a quarter of an hour in.  When I say "internet gremlin", I believe the gremlin in question was shaped like a workman down the street.  So it looks like next Tuesday is out as well, as that's when it is rescheduled.

To keep things going I've decided to start a home project.  I took this photo of our pond and thought this would make a good painting:

I like the strong contrast and the deep colours of the pond.  I like the way the flower is caught shining in the sunlight.  I have a 10 inch square canvas waiting for this image, so that's my plan.  AS this is at home it will be in oils.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

New Website Info

 As mentioned in my last post, I have been working hard to get my new website up and running.  As it it still some way to go, I have decided to report what I am up to in a new page.  Here's a link to it:

Having finished with the DIY, this is now my number one project.  Well that's the theory.  There's always the sunny weather to distract.

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

The Toymaker Kick-Off

Did I mention I was stopping this blog in favour of starting up my own website?  I might have.  Guess what: I'm still not there yet.  However, as I have got to the end of all that DIY, I have started the painting up again and so here's a new entry - the first one not from the backlog in lots of months.

This should be curious at the very least.  Meanwhile I thought I would start a page on what I am doing with the website as it is taking up so much of my time.

Toymaker Trouble

Working at home in acrylics on my club evening painting.  Disgraceful.  Little bits and pieces and a complete hash.  These things are sent u...