Thursday, 17 June 2021

Lilies Plan

Usually about this time I would have an update of the painting I did Tuesday evening.  However, every third Tuesday of the month is demo night at the Club, so no further work.  This month was woodlands in mixed media... or at least would have been.  The internet gremlins struck a decisive blow and we only got about a quarter of an hour in.  When I say "internet gremlin", I believe the gremlin in question was shaped like a workman down the street.  So it looks like next Tuesday is out as well, as that's when it is rescheduled.

To keep things going I've decided to start a home project.  I took this photo of our pond and thought this would make a good painting:

I like the strong contrast and the deep colours of the pond.  I like the way the flower is caught shining in the sunlight.  I have a 10 inch square canvas waiting for this image, so that's my plan.  AS this is at home it will be in oils.

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