Saturday, 6 June 2020

Mountain Village, Part V

Well that's a big oops!  I've just realised that my recent posts, intended to be "Riverside Dwell" were actually titled "A Rivenside View" and the contained link was to the old work.  That might have been a bit confusing.  Sorry and all that.  I have now corrected those posts.

Having messed with your minds, you might be forgiven for thinking I would take extra care not to mess things around any further.  So renaming the picture from "Riverside Dwell" to "Mountain Village" would not really be on the cards.  Yeah, like.

Mountain Village

Well I didn't rename all those previous posts, so count yourselves lucky.

Upshot: the painting is now finished.  Time for something else.

Was finished... now is.  Probably.

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